Advenate Avalanche Backpacks


Advenate is a new brand that has exploded onto the snow safety scene, they focus on innovative mountain and backcountry gear and makes the mountains a safer playground. If you venture into the backcountry, you will certainly know that airbag backpacks are an essential safety piece of gear for adventurous skiers, and are proven to save lives in avalanches by keeping the wearer on the surface of the debris. But what if you still get buried? Continuing to breathe while buried becomes vital, and this is where Advenate´s IAS comes into play. The innovative backpack is an avalanche airbag and breathing aid rolled into one. Both systems are activated with a pull handle, with the airbag inflating to help the victim float atop the avalanche´s surface (lessening the chances of burial and suffocation) and a breathing mechanism to keep the victim breathing should he become buried under the snow. The backpacks are available now in three size options.

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