Helmut Newton. SUMO

Helmut Newton: SUMO

Originally released in 1999 weighing 66 pounds and limited to just 10,000 copies, Helmut Newton. SUMO. was the first in a line of oversized books, celebrating one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century. Now you can add it to your own library. Offered in a still-large but less hernia-inducing size and revised by Newton’s widow June, it contains high-quality reproductions of the artist’s work, ranging from his celebrity portraits to his notorious nudes. It arrives with a perspex display stand, an indication of its importance among any well-curated collection. Sensitive images shown online are intentionally blacked out for the respect of our audience, however the book itself has no censorship.


Helmut Newton: SUMO Helmut Newton: SUMO Helmut Newton: SUMO Helmut Newton: SUMO

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