In this building at the end of the XIX century was a shop and watch salon of E.V.B., owned by N.A. Sitov.

Merchants from the 19th century


  From sources that have reached us, it is known that the genus originates from the Vologda province. The story came in fragments, photographs, open letters and some things that we inherited.

  After the revolution, Nikolai Alexandrovich worked as a watchmaker at the Flax Mill named after Zvorykina. The family continued to live at  Kuznetskaya street 3, until the KOSTROMA Department Store was built on this place. Address Kuznetskaya st. 3 is not busy to this day.

  This world N.A. Sitov left in 1941, before the outbreak of World War II.

Rules of Life:

It is necessary to create such a state of affairs so that an unnecessary result cannot happen.

Success is not an alternative to failure. Success is what comes after a series of failures.

It makes no sense to forgive anyone. It’s much easier not to be offended at all. No one is obliged to live up to someone’s expectations.

Everyone you meet on your way, fights in a battle that you know nothing about … Be polite. Always.

Viacheslav Sitov